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kid's life. lalalaa

semalam, adik aku berdua tu kena marah teruk dengan mama aku. nak tau pasal apa?
haha. mereka pegi main hujan lepas kelas mengaji petang.
mereka berdua tu balik lambat pulak, walaupun taklah lambat sangat gayanya
sebab hujan kan, maka gelap seisi langit petang (haha. puitis tak sengaja)
aku tak tahu pulak mereka ada kelas mengaji petang tu sebab aku marathon tidur 3 jam.
syok wooo.
bila lagi dapat tidur lama kan? (typical minded sungguh la -.-)
rumah sangat lah sunyi. macam tak ada penghuni lain.
jam dah pukul 6, hujan lagi tu. grr. sejuk!

5 minit lepas bangun tidur, halilintar bergema (suara mama memekik)
memanggil nama adik adik aku.
"hakim!! humaira!!! cepat balik!!"
tapi tak ada respons langsung.
maka, abah aku pun keluar rumah semata-mata nak menyuruh adik adik kesayanganku balik.

'rasanya, dah boleh expect what will happen to them after this'

sesampainya mereka depan rumah, dah bertowel belaka. maybe abah dah bagi dekat luar.
baju mereka memang confirm lah basa…

so far away - avenge sevenfold

Never feared for anything.
Never shamed but never free.
A light that healed a broken heart with all that it could

Lived a life so endlessly.
Saw beyond what others see.
I tried to heal your broken heart with all that I could

Will you stay?
Will you stay away forever?

How do I live without the ones I love?
Time still turns the pages of the book it's burned.
Place and time always on my mind.
I have so much to say but you're so far away.

Plans of what our futures hold
Foolish lies of growin' old
It seems we're so invincible, the truth is so cold.

A final song, a last request
A perfect chapter laid to rest
Now and then I try to find a place in my mind

Where you can say,
You can stay awake forever.

How do I live without the ones I love?
Time still turns the pages of the book it's burned.
Place and time always on my mind.
I have so much to say but you're so far away.

Sleep tight, I'm not afraid.
The ones that we love are here with me.
Lay away a place for me

a special congratulation for both of them :)

 congratulations kak Farhana Saffi and her husbey, Anas I suppose! she's one of my voci's senior who just got married last weekend may He bless both of you, moga kekal sampai anak cucu and bahagia dunia akhirat :) it's such a wonderful wedding at the age of 20 her husbey's 28 and will be continuing his masters in Vancouver too same like his lovely wife yang tengah pulun degree dekat Vancouver jugaa how sweet la maceh :) well, she's pretty though, gorgeous enough laa ahaa I was shocked till I saw the first pic of their wedding fabulous!! terus ternganga sayaaaa (memang tak tipu) anyway, we'll be counting who's next? jeng jeng jeng..

i'm afraid of losing

yes, i'm afraid of losing that's the reason why I find myself hard to love very much you might not think like what I did because i'm a woman when I worn out I need a hand to grab me when I can't handle my feelings I need a shoulder to cry on when I feel tired of life I need a voice to raise me up I am just a woman no woman no cry deep from my heart, with lots of love 

saya anak Malaysia!

first and foremost, I would love to thank Pak Pian, Mr. Ahmad Shah, Pak Zam, Pak Saad, Ibu Zulia and all facilitators here in BTN Camp, Bukit Sagu. located far away from the city of Kuantan, and deep in the palm oil plantations. low network coverage. (yeke? macam aku sorang je.hehe)

    my first impression was, oh btn..cepatla habiss. macam nak kena torture je -.- this is like..oh my..nak balikk!!! Nampak tak betapa aku rasa rimasnya nak tinggal, menginap dekat sini. expression controlled man. luckily, I wasn't alone. got my fellows from intec, my classmates and some known friends, where we'd met at driving school and outside there. (apesal grammar rasa berterabur ni?)

my first day in BTN, Alhamdulillah. as long as I can smile, that's pretty good enough. even though, we have to do some fitness like..haha (like an army should do) just fine as long as I can do it without any injuries and we're playing safe. we're divided into 10 small temporary groups. i'm in…

first and last?

you are the first and my last, hopefully in shaa Allah. that I hope everything will turn as smooth as what we've planned before. but, who knows? Allah knows better every inch and depth of people's heart. I don't really realise what's so special about you that sometimes make me hard to breathe. why should I cry easily with your warm words? even trying to soothe me, whenever I had a hard and even the roughest time. why did you do that? I just can thanks to you, gratefully saying "thank you so much" and i appreciate it very much. my first time, being honest with you, telling you the truth, sincerely from the deep of my heart which makes me feel relieved. tears went down my cheeks for an unknown reason. i'm trying very hard that I can be a muslihah. i'm not even perfect for anyone that I never asked to be loved or to be adored very much. i let my past as a history, won't be turning back anymore. i'm living the present and dare to dream my future…

i'm gonna miss her

she's the best cousin of mine,
guess what,
we're of the same age,
she's in Sarawak,
currently studying in UNIMAS,
GGsarawakian :P
sweet, adorable, loving,
thanks la dude,
kau TERBAIK :)

eid 2013

First thought in my mind was, this year punya raya macam tak best and suram.hmm. I don't know what makes me thought the stupid thought. Odd years, and we'll be celebrating eidulfitri at my father's hometown. Sure laa tak ramai yang ada dekat kampung tu. Fortunately, I feel enlightened at a moment where 6 cars arrived safely at my grandparents house. What a WONDERFUL MOMENT! :) I felt so happy and I was about to jump and leaping in the sky. All 9 siblings of my father were celebrating their wonder raya at my grandparents house! Luckily, the house was super big, no longer a wooden-bricks kampong house but a fully furnished-strong built house. ngeheehee. So here, some of our photos taken during our first syawal in Kampung Chemomoi and Simpang Pelangai in Bentong, Pahang. My hometown :)

Queen versus Swordsman

Here, we come. We're practicing for tomorrow's Arabic Theatre. About a significant man of Heroes of Muslim. Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh and Constantinople. wohooo! Guess what, I'm the Queen, a delightful wife of Sultan Murad II (he's the father of Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh). I'll be roleplaying in the first till fourth scene, out of 9 scenes. And, I'll be roleplaying as a swordsman in the final scene. (hehehe, it's my wish to play with the swords). It's been very hard to complete all the dialogues for every scene. Doing all the typing, researches on the History of Muslims' Heroes of the world. Luckily I wasn't in charge of translating all the scripts into Arabic (thanks Wani for your great work! we should've appreciate you very much. Cool blog can ah? :P)

   I remembered that Harith had once said that I've two different personalities. First, I can act like a queen and sometimes I can act like swordsman. Sometimes. I didn't really realis…