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He is my dad.

In school, we're always told about what our mom does all the time for us. She gave birth, she feed us, she care for us, console us whenever we're sick and cry. The one that we adore very much is, MOM. It's always mom if you can't choose the right shirt to hang out. It's always mom to feed our hungry stomach. It's always mom to be by our side if we're scolded by dad. Everything's about mom.

In school, I used to miss my mom more than my dad. I used to call mom whenever I failed in exams. I used to tell my mom about how I feel being tortured and scolded in front of the seniors and teachers. Only when I can't reach my mom at the moment I need her very much, then I called my dad, seeking for my dad. Nothing much that I would say and tell him about my failures, my feelings and etc. I could spend ringgits and cents for my mom. But I spent only a ringgit for my dad. Sometimes I wonder what he feel towards me.

In college, I started to know lots of friends. G…

Could you?

Could it happen very fast?
So that I can't recall the words.

Could it happen just slow?
So that I can't just stick to the words.

Could it happen while I was running?
So that I won't recall the bittersweet.

Could it happen while I was sleeping?
So that I won't stick to fake promises.

Life is taken me aback.

Life is taking me forward.

Life is leading me ahead.
Go for it.

Life must go on.
Rain, fall, thunder, storm.

Live it to the endless.
Keep living.
Keep believing.
Keep living in belief.