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listen carefully

Dear friends, I've told you this for a thousand times. But you keep on repeating the same mistakes ever.

Please give some respects to the other people. Jaga adab sikit eh kalau communicate. Being polite is not just talking softly and nicely, but it is well-related with the way we respond to each statements.

First thing first is to listen carefully to any statements given so that we wouldn't misunderstood the points stressed by a person who are talking to you. Please please and please respect yourself by listening attentively and carefully. Don't ever comment and respond to the non-ended-statement. Respect lah sikit, orang tak habis cakap lagi. That's the reason kita senang salah faham even in the simplest situation for a direct statement.

Earn some respect for yourself. Hadirkan sikap hormat tu dalam diri kita. I've told you lots of times, but you keep repeating the same act again and again. I'm just kawan biasa, but I'm willing to help you. Somehow, I felt…


You may ask why you're not given such wonderful and precious chances, instead, inaudibly precious, tremendous and oh, 'biasa biasa je' chances awaits. Have you ever think that every chances you have today may be helpful and maybe in some other way makes you a lot more brilliant and grateful for everything you have yesterday, today and in shaa Allah tomorrow, hereafter.

Waking up from your sleep, you're given a lot of chances.
1. Raise from the bed and get yourself clean. Then, go out for working or schooling.
2. Raise from the bed, pick up your phone, checking messages and back to sleep.

3. Back to sleep.

You did your own decision whether to stay or to move. It is you who decide to get whatever you want. You're given chances as choices. It's like a Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). Chances won't wait, but chances are always there to help you in some different ways. Go ahead and decide.

Even if the tree is falling down, what would you decide?

1. To r…