Tanah Merah - Rantau Panjang!

Yesterday's trip was the best with these fellas that I thought I would regret for not coming to Kina's house in Tanah Merah. And the little friend we celebrated yesterday, Little Hana!

Hana Turns 1 :)

Hana and her smiles. I fall hard for this little girl. And I even wonder how does it feel to have my own niece/nephew? Haha. (Later kay)

Thanks Kina and Family for having us yesterday and for the small feast, making us feel like home :')

Butler's Birthday!

Zu: Korang gali apa ni? Us: Ada orang nak membuang dalam ni
Shuk tolak Zu masuk lubang. Zu: Laa, kenapa tak cakap awal. Aku memang nak kena tanam ni. Ha meh meh tanam aku. Us: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL DIA MEMANG TUNNGU RUPANYAA
Happy 21st Birthday Ajuju! Semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki, dilimpahkan ilmu yang luas dan diberkati Allah sampai bila bila. Haha. Tu je lah yang cliché.

Hadiah kitorang cuma percutian sepetang, semalam di Pantai Telong, Bachok sebab kitorang tau kau craving nak mandi laut sebulan yang lepas lagi. Dah masuk air tu tak reti dah nak naik ke darat ye, Butler --,

Goodluck for PRO exam ni. Sama-sama tarik kalau lost.

PRO: 2nd July 2017
EOS: 4th June 2017

p/s Hm. Fikir-fikirkan lah


Now I am back with good news. A VERY GOOD ONE! :D

It is good to reconcile and talk again girls! Alhamdulillah all praises for Him, for all the blessings and hardships we've been through all these months. I would say that it's been a month since we last talked so much on everything. And now here I am writing the stories about you girls. I am overload with joys to be able to talk and laugh. For our past mistakes, I ought to forgive and somehow it took times for me to make myself clear about what had happened to our friendship previously. I was confused by my actions and intentions. I always want to look cool for everyone but I forget those in need of my help and my attention. I was too busy taking care of other physical and material things before taking care about what the you girls might be feeling at the hard times. I forgot the empathy and sensitivity part that I thought everyone would just act and look at such problems the way I look at it. I should have tak…

Now I know

Back then, I thought I knew where I stand all this while.

But now, I know where I should stand, who should I be with and when should I move whenever sincerity and trustworthy being questioned. I guess now I am ready to lose even more. The further I go, the more friends I lose. The higher I climb, the lesser sincerity left in me. The greater I become, the smaller trust I build in me. I should always be there. Around them, but never been asked. Around them, but never asked. Around them, but It never feel the same anymore. Around them, but the atmosphere is different. Now, where should I go? Around and keep coming around?

Maybe I should go vertically (up-and-down) now. Haha. Because that way I won't cause more damage and harm. For someone who keep on losing, should never lose One. One who always give and One who take in less than second. For one person, you build me up. For another person, you teach me to never give up. For the next person, you cheer me up.

Till then. ☺

Random #2

Well, haha! Hi.

Macam biasa. Masih hambar. But now I know I can joke around and I just discovered a side talent of me. I called it a talent la - lawak hambar. It happened when I always have fries, burgers, ice-creams and apples as my lock-screen wallpaper.

There some of my friends told me that they were hungry and I would gladly offer my phone.

"Nah. There you go"
"Lawak sia."
"Lapar kan?"
"Tak lawak lah Mira"
"I'm trying to make it look funny hehe"
"Tolongla gelak. Please :("
"Haha. Haha."
"K. Rakluu"
"Woiii hahahahahaha hambar!!!"

I know it. Tolong la gelak  -.-

Oh Ache!

One day to go before the real battle starts.

I've had my muscle aching, back ache, head ache, hand tremors, and..
When some friends and seniors I had accidentally met at the cafe, really told/asked me,
"You've lost lots of facial expression meh"
"Heyy PBL leader, emotionless nya!"
"Are those eyebags?"
"Oh my, Miraa I saw your eyes"
"Mira, tidur tak?"
"Patutlahh, bawah mata tu kelabu je gayanya"

The struggle is pain.
Maybe I should treat myself some sleeps and movies later. And the eyebags too ;(

p/s: I blogged so much because I am feeling stressful to finish off the last chapters!

Mama, Happy Birthday!

Assalamualaikum and hey, today is Mama's birthday. She's approaching 50's now and I realized how fast time flies by.

(*inserts cliché wish/words/captions)

I wish for her health, long-live and all the blessings from Almighty. May Mama always be in the sight and care of Him. May Allah grant her paradise and long-lasting love. May she always be the best Mama we (all three messy child) all ever had. And of all, Mama is irreplaceable.

I called her this morning, Abah answered her phone. And I asked him right away to Mama first. He wished Mama and then pass the phone to Mama. I was in the examination cubical, waiting for the first year student to come into the cubical for OSCE session with me (I am the examiner). It was a Mock OSCE for the juniors as a preparation before their real examination. Huhu, no point abt telling this further. So, then I wished her (*inserts cliché wish) and I don't know what else to say other than Happy 40+ Birthday, my beloved Mama! She went like,…