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Random Dominos

There goes this conversation between me and Wawa. We were tip-toeing in the rain to get our Dominos Pizza about 1 km away from my block. Frankly because:

First, we wanna celebrate Migui's birthday
Second, we wanna eat because we were damn hungry
Third, because we wanna walk and enjoy the rain
Fourth, we wanna talk to each other after a super-long-tiring day

"The perks of having a busy Bestfriend" - Wawa's thought. I broke through her mind, all the time.

We arrived and ordered a large pizza. Worth buying for me, Wawa and Migui and someone tulaa. So while waiting, we came out with this conversation. (btw I tried to recap whatever we're talking over at that time)

Wawa: Semalam kan, H dengan F kantoi busuk ah dengan saya dating dekat cafe kot (laugh)
Me: Seriously? Dah open lah maksudnya tu?
Wawa: Lawak gila. Tapi baguslah H dengan F tu. Comel je dua orang tu
Me: Hmmm (loooooongggg sighhhhhh)

-silent moment-

Me: Wa, tahun depan kita dah 22 tau. 22 years old. You real…