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antara cita-cita dan cinta

Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani.

Nyata realiti itu terkadang pahit, tetap jua ditelan walau sepahit hempedu. Kata orang, kawan biar beribu, berkasih biar satu. Tetapi bukan semua mampu kawannya beribu. Beribu kawan di facebook tu apalah sangat. Realitinya dalam ramai kawan yang kita ada, ada satu dua sahaja rapat sebagai sahabat. But are they really the person that we can rely on? The answer is in yourself.

Mengupas cerita tentang cinta, aku bukanlah hebat sangat berdiskusi tentang cinta. At the end of the day, melencong ke cerita makanan. Parah. But I am insisted on telling you some opinions about love and ambitions. I put the 's' there since we have some other side ambitions right. Or maybe it's just me? Breaking the whole semester, all I can say that this is the most tremendous semester of the two years of my foundation. September nanti bakal bergelar pelajar Kuliyyah. In shaa Allah. Maka terlalu banyak cerita cinta yang tumbuh dalam kampus asa…

surprise me.

"A day that made me understood"

Which finally make me understood that everyone has the right to choose to do whatever they want to do.
Well, you just posted a photo of mine on your personal social media account which gets 95/+ likes. I was totally in a great shock when a friend of mine showed me that photo you've posted. The photo was taken in a muslimah boutique during our outing yesterday.
What's more to conclude? I was curious and still, I am curious on the reasons why me? There just posted your photos and your mom. No other photos of woman/girl/lady on your timeline.
Curiosity kills sometimes. But I'm sure you won't tell me the real reasons why.
"Why me?"
 Maybe you're not ready mentally and emotionally. I don't mind. As long as you're fine.

So what's up next?


I smiled.
And you smiled.

I laughed.
And you laughed.

I found it serious.
But you found it funny.

I sighed.
And you sighed.

I smirked.
And you smirked.

I imitated you.
And so you did.

That's how it goes.

Having friends whom I can rely on and to  cheer me up. 8 months apart, 11 months apart. They're no different to me. They who hug me and annoy me daily. They whom I used to tease and get mad frequently. We're strangers of nowhere year ago. But we're warmed by both welcomes. Thanks #😊✌