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Someone that always stay hidden

Time flew away so fast. Leaving all the footprints, paths and memories away. A history again stored in an old-complex jewel box. That it will always be treasured by people who are curious about the memories, the black histories and those dull pictures captured were thrown away into that past day. The days ahead that she had always looking for, to find herself. While she drowned through the whole journey. Drowning in herself. She's confused.

Feeling lost and sometimes strayed away from people. That might be the best, she thought. Where she faked the smiles and laughs. Yep, just anyone can fake the happiness they cruelly have. An expression that covered everything, like clothes. To that expression that sometimes cowardly stayed alone at times. Where sometimes it laid back the memories, the black memories forward. A black story to be remembered, is always a hurtful one, she thought.

It may seems too tough. It may seems too rough. But sometimes it takes two to tango. But she crashed d…