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awak, saya penat

Assalamualaikum wbt. Salam Barakah. Salam Ramadhan.

2 days to go, and Finals here we come! This one crazy and bubbly friend of mine was telling me that she’s exhausted as we’re walking back to dormitories after practising our OSCE in the CSC yesterday’s evening.
“Awak, saya penat.Saya cuma nak cakap yang saya penat tu je.After all things happened masa sem ni. Saya rasa penat.This sem macam heavy sangat. Taktau nak cakap macam mana.Penat. Tu je”
Dear Nfsyxh, For all the things happened to you, semua ada hikmah dan ada rahmat Tuhan sebaliknya. You just don’t get to see it yet. Let’s just remember the little cute things you had together with your awesome buddies and all your loved ones. Little things are meant to stay longer than it seems. Retweet this if you agree Hahaaa ;) I’ve been in that place too last semester when I was hardly broken, stressed out and miserable and yes it WAS REALLY BAD it happened just before the examination season came approaching us like a drowning path. Feeling h…