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panas! panas!! panaasss!!!

The only thing I can do at that moment was screaming.

"Panas! Ya Allah, panas!!! Panas!!!!"

Yes. A mug of hot Nestum solution just poured like a mountain on my right thigh, splashed to my ankle and the back of my right arm. And I was scared that the mug might fall on my feet. All I could do was standing still and close my ears with both of my hands. I don't want to hear that thing fall on my feet and I never want to see what's in front of me.

My roommates were all shocked and they just screamed while rushed to the toilet to get a bucket of cold water for a quick remedial on the burn areas. Yes. First aid. As I was screaming and panicking like I don't know what to do but my thoughts were all about hunger and the mug. I was in a great hunger last night, I thought of having a mug of hot Nestum and some biscuits. The mug, luckily it didn't fell on my feet. My other roommate was helping me out by giving me a towel. She told me to remove my pants and quickly ran th…