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new me :)

its really hard actually when you to begin it with something unpredictably. to me its okay la. why do it seems really serious though i feel it okay. for the first time in my life i felt the biggest shame and sorrowful in my life. out of the seventh craze! when it was first announced, i felt nothing. empty that i didn't know what i should think about and feel. i was gladly hugged my new leader and relieved her. she felt sorry for myself that i was supposed to be at her place and i just smile plus saying 'it's okay'. everything seemed dull and very unhappy. all the team members were there showing their super unsatisfied feelings. the great feeling was, i didn't even feel bad and sorrow. i played with my teammates and laughed with them. unfortunately, i couldn't even see the happiness shone throughout their sight. why? okay, i was happy and alhamdulillah. maybe it was the miracle of An-Naba' and Al-Mulk just after performing the Zohor prayer before rehearsing.…