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awat hang?

"Sometimes aku rasa depa dok sembang pasai aku lah. Taktau lah. Aku ni wanted kaa? Biaq pi jaa. Yang penting aku tau apa aku buat tu betui, aku tau aku dak susahkan sesiapa. Hampa dok jeling jeling aku dari belakang dinding tu pasai pa?"

Awat hang ni lawak betui. Aku wonder orang yang ada dialek 'Utagha' ni serious cool and comel gila! Rasa nak mendalami dialek tu pun ada ni hah (semangat). Okay dah.

"Awat hang?" Another me is questioning me.

I wonder how did it happen. Done that part and another part is coming. Sometimes I need to just shut up and walk along. I've decided to make it happen. I got what I wanted. But here, left behind again. How dare you to take me away from them? Well, it's hard to start over in new society. Shockingly, when I got the call and he told me the result is not what I've been looking through all this time, not a single tear come out. Maybe the feel is not there.

So the biggest fear is - not being able to show the real…