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fallen in love

Let me tell you something that might be a satisfaction. Let me tell you something that might be a truth. Let me tell you something to reveal everything. Let me tell you something that might be a fact. Let me tell you something that might be an affection. Let me tell you something. That I have never regretting. Letting everything disappear from my sight. In a blink of eye. But I never lost everything. I lost nothing. Cause I have faith. A faith that grows inside. To get everything back to its place. Hard though. Possible enough. Nothing can't be bear. I'm stronger than who I am. I'm happier than how I could be. I'm grateful to how I am. I had fallen in love. Not once. But many times. I fall in love with the morning sky. I fall in love with the evening sky. I fall in love with the afternoon sun. I fall in love with the night sky. Never had I regret. They are on the right path. Circling, following the direction. Given by the Lord One. Obeying the order. Giving me colours…


How can I suppose to stand when I have no courage? How could I stay when I have no one to wait for me? How would I start when I have no points to go through it? Having nothing to fear. Having nothing to lose. Having nothing to stop. Standing bravely. Running unstoppably. And win.

tahu tak kenapa?

When we're having a hard time, we cry. Asking why, why and why. But have we thought that having a hard time is the most wonderful moment to get ourselves back to Allah, The Creator, The One who always listen to our plead and cries? Anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Yes, being grateful that He will always there to listen to every hard we complaint. As to Him we came from and surely to Him we return.

The most important point that I wanted to highlight is, being grateful. Bersyukurlah dengan apa yang di hadapan kita, yang telah kita tinggalkan dan apa yang ada sekarang. No matter how it rains you with pains or luxuries. Kekayaan adalah dugaan. Kefakiran adalah suatu kenikmatan. Begitu perspektif orang yang berfikir. Living in the world, temporarily, collecting all the good deeds for our final destination that would never end.

Be grateful to have everything harsh before it becomes an ease in our life. That is how we value our life and how do we see it as 'a life'. Hidup sebenar yan…

oohhhoo. speeding nyaaa!

Yesterday's maths. Fuhh. Rasa nak terbalik-berpusing dunia lepas habiskan chapter 1 in just 2 hours. And the lecturer keep on talking non-stop. Tak ada noktah. She's talking like she's out of breath sometimes. And the handwriting, masha Allah. Susah nak capture apa yang lecturer tulis on the super-whiteboard. Tulisan orang maths. Macam tu agaknya. And my handwriting, dah hilang ekornya for the 'g' , 'b' and 'y'. Haru. Memang haru.

But that is not actually the main point.

Yes. A step ahead. Apa benda ni?

Being a step ahead is like menyerlahkan diri dan terkehadapan. Is it really important being a step ahead? For me, it is a yes. Surely, it requires a lot of courageous. When we think about people being a forward-minded, bermakna mereka mempunyai suatu pendapat dan daya pemikiran yang lebih maju daripada kita. For an example, they speak out their opinion. At one stage, someone thought that she's not willing to speak it out, voicing it out for some …

new place for a new semester

Here I come. Arriving at CFSIIUM Gambang Campus, Kuantan at 2.18 pm. A new story had just begun. A new spirit, and new obstacles ?

I walked down the lane, looking at the new scenery, capturing the serendipity and the scenes around me. My heart told me that a new campus should be like this. Mindset. 2 sets of building completely built in concrete. A mahallah and a learning campus. That's all. Never mind, this is new. Adat laa, kan? Ada benda terus sempurna ke?

Got my new room with four members. No double-deckers. A wide locker, a single bed with a lot of drawers, a single study table for each student. Not bad. All in yellow. Great! Cause I love the striking sunny-yellow colour for my room. It's full of warms and cheerful :)

Keeping all my belongings, clothes, books and all stuffs in the right and secure compartments. Spreading my purple bed sheet and neatly folding it around the mattress. Yeah, I have three pillows including my lovely bantal busuk. So what ? Ahaa.

The open air…


This way seems very hard. Ending the 2013 with tears. Starting the 2014 with tears. It scares me so much. The beginning was already harsh and cruel on me. Its hurt. I would never tells anyone whatever I hope and pray for. Wishes must come with efforts.
When no one knows that I was drowning and walking alone in a dark alley, I cried. I was crying soundlessly as I won't let anyone hurts because of me. I was tearing into parts and fallen into pieces. When I realized that nobody close to me, but He always there to wake me up and giving me hope to always breathe as I can barely breathing.
The nights were always full of tears and the days with troubles. So much troubles ahead. And it happens to me day by day. I always resist myself from asking why does it happen to me, why should it be me, why should it be today and so much whys.
I had a feeling that I was going to keep on sleeping for 48 hours. But I can't. As I woke up, the circle shades surrounded my eyes. It was swollen. Ther…