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remember titiwangsa?

I remembered how I first met you at Titiwangsa. I was going to head back to Kuantan from Pekeliling after attending an interview. You came and suddenly appeared in front of me. You wore blue shirt, jeans and your very adorable sneakers. I was in my blue polka-dots baju kurung and blue formal shoes. I was in a great shock! How did you manage to get there? It happened so fast, and that was my first time meeting you. I was sitting quietly and nervously, I was shocked. It's surprising me though. I can't utter even a word for you.

Yesterday was my second time going to Titiwangsa. Holding my tears back inside, I was hoping that I won't be going to Pekeliling anymore as I will remember every moment back then. Throwback all those nonsense and wonderful moments. I had a dream last night. And again, it's you in my dream. As soon as I woke up, I cried so hard.

I'm just feeling bad that it appeared to kill my day. Moody and emotional.

Go away from me and I will run away from…

introducing me :)

Nobody’s perfect. And, I’m no perfectionist.

Here, she’s my lovely girlfriend ^^ Marjana Darus. I love to share most of my exciting, lame stories and brilliant opinions. She’ll listen to me even she’s reading the Malay novels so hard at that time. We share our best moments together, spending our leisure time together with laughs and chats. She’s the shoulder for my backpack, sometimes. She’d once be there, to play the piano for me whenever I feel bad and hard. Avril Lavigne’s When You’re Gone was preferred. We would sing together throughout the music, and sadly, I’ll cry. Opss. Haha.

My lovely girlfriend, she’s my dearest cousin. The best cousin ever, yeah! We share the same interest sometimes. Sometimes. We love to chat, tease and make fun of other people. The interesting part is, I’m worse than her. Anyway, she used to call me Mir. Nice J Yes. She’s nice.
“Kau ni kartun sangatlah, Mir. Cuba serious sikit,”
That’s normal, whenever I come out with some silly ideas and unbelievable acts. …

random #1

this is freakingly bad. i hate this. for how many times, up till now, that i keep on thinking about you? hey ! what it is all about?? can't i just take it lightly, just slip everything away in just a few moment? why do i have to stand with your face, your name all wandering in my head? oh noooo! i'm not a zombie. perhaps, i liked you? not even once. forget the damn truth. this is all dream and it won't come out into a super big reality. what's happening actually? have you ever encounter this before? or perhaps, you're encountering it right now?

please. do understand me. i don't want to live with your shadows. that i actually doesn't prefer to be on that way.

determined by my vision, mision and my future undertakings. i have a very long way to go. it's not an easy path that you can cross it without cars, busses and maybe even bulldozer. it's wide, long and never ends. let say, the road will end at a certain point, where completely you will meet a …