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Hard times: Mending broken pieces


It's been a week since I've been trying hard to give myself some spaces that I hope it could save me from the bad thoughts. Quickly, I cheated my mind, mimicking something to distract myself from thinking negatively.

I don't know how did it happen. Even more how does this happen. Alas, for now.

To be neglected by a person who means a lot, it hurts. I know right. It is even scarred to not know why, the reasons to be neglected. Must have asked earlier what happened and what is happening now. At least, a trace of conversation would mend a broken relationship. Sometimes, we tend to ignore the little conversation we had, but later it trapped you in a situation where you just need to have a glance at the past! How cruel.

Well at least, say something. Honestly.

Alhamdulillah. He choose me to test my patience.
And that is a great thing we always belittled in our life.
Have we appreciate it? The reasons of living.

p/s And oh, i have lovely persons by my side to cheer me up! …

Haaa rindu!

It's been 2 months. Eyy, more than 2 months.

Apa khabar kamu semua kesayangan beta di Belgaum, India? Kami bertiga rindu kalian yang amat. Just where are my teasing partners??? Orang yang paling selalu kacau hidup saya when I messed up with mood swings. She's Aida. They who love to lepuk saya kalau cakap mengarut atau terlalu annoying. They who will warn me to not forget things such as my own belongings sebab Amirah Farhana ni clumsy selalu. Mereka yang suka puji saya secara tak langsung, I know you girls are missing my 'annoyance' dan kejujuran saya dalam berkata-kata. And the same time akan buli saya, like I am too young to not know what you girls are discussing about. I know that girls, Yaya, Fasha, Husna, Marina, Madhihah, Wani, Piya, Nadira, Filzati, Wawa. Sekarang ni Wawa je suka lepuk I sana sini. Kalau nak tegur and remind me in direct pun Wawa and Migui jelah yang selalunya. Hikhik. Sometimes, saya rasa macam Wawa and Migui are too kakak for me.

Oh, I selalu j…