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Oh Ache!

One day to go before the real battle starts.

I've had my muscle aching, back ache, head ache, hand tremors, and..
When some friends and seniors I had accidentally met at the cafe, really told/asked me,
"You've lost lots of facial expression meh"
"Heyy PBL leader, emotionless nya!"
"Are those eyebags?"
"Oh my, Miraa I saw your eyes"
"Mira, tidur tak?"
"Patutlahh, bawah mata tu kelabu je gayanya"

The struggle is pain.
Maybe I should treat myself some sleeps and movies later. And the eyebags too ;(

p/s: I blogged so much because I am feeling stressful to finish off the last chapters!

Mama, Happy Birthday!

Assalamualaikum and hey, today is Mama's birthday. She's approaching 50's now and I realized how fast time flies by.

(*inserts cliché wish/words/captions)

I wish for her health, long-live and all the blessings from Almighty. May Mama always be in the sight and care of Him. May Allah grant her paradise and long-lasting love. May she always be the best Mama we (all three messy child) all ever had. And of all, Mama is irreplaceable.

I called her this morning, Abah answered her phone. And I asked him right away to Mama first. He wished Mama and then pass the phone to Mama. I was in the examination cubical, waiting for the first year student to come into the cubical for OSCE session with me (I am the examiner). It was a Mock OSCE for the juniors as a preparation before their real examination. Huhu, no point abt telling this further. So, then I wished her (*inserts cliché wish) and I don't know what else to say other than Happy 40+ Birthday, my beloved Mama! She went like,…

Cannot breathe!

There came a patient on a very gloomy kind of rainy day,

Patient: Dr, sayo sekok ni. Tokse nyawo doh ni
Future Dr: Parok ni. Ubat tokse make

Study weeks' drama. So much things in the head and it keeps on compressing the brain. Too many neurones cannot be rescued, super-chaos gray matter and lagging white matter. Revealing the bare axons without sheath, the transmission getting slow and slower by day, tensing and more stress factors on axons, macrophage come and attack the antigens and, poomm!! There, stranded. Suffocating.

Been in touch with gravity, but still seems floating without a pace.
Sipping caffeine by tins and cups.
Hoping for dopaminergic inactivation.
Through another sleepless nights.
Darkening pimples and surrounded shady eyes.
Burning and pressing gastric body.
Bursting headache and it's throbbing, always.
Faded only with sleeping.

Nevertheless, the sleeping pills ever known,
Discern of …