Mama, Happy Birthday!

Assalamualaikum and hey, today is Mama's birthday. She's approaching 50's now and I realized how fast time flies by.

(*inserts cliché wish/words/captions)

I wish for her health, long-live and all the blessings from Almighty. May Mama always be in the sight and care of Him. May Allah grant her paradise and long-lasting love. May she always be the best Mama we (all three messy child) all ever had. And of all, Mama is irreplaceable.

I called her this morning, Abah answered her phone. And I asked him right away to Mama first. He wished Mama and then pass the phone to Mama. I was in the examination cubical, waiting for the first year student to come into the cubical for OSCE session with me (I am the examiner). It was a Mock OSCE for the juniors as a preparation before their real examination. Huhu, no point abt telling this further. So, then I wished her (*inserts cliché wish) and I don't know what else to say other than Happy 40+ Birthday, my beloved Mama! She went like, "Thank you, love" haha. I don't know how to make it sounds sweet (?). Ha..ha..

I telegrammed her last night (it's 12.30 am actually) when I was out for some sizzling night out with Kak Suci, Fikri and Aiman, Happy Birthday Mama even though I believed that she won't be reading it right at the moment and yeah, she just read and replied it at 4.16 pm today. Well, Mama had even asked me on how to master Telegram. She told me that we can celebrate our birthday soon when I go back home for CNY break, huhu. Let's get some cakes and beaches!

"Kita mintak Abah belikan kek, lepas tu kita potong berdua and makan berdua"
"Tapi nanti Adik jealous. Haha"
"Bior lerrrrrr"

One of the most shocking wish is (I consider it an all-time valid),
"Harapnya, lagi 3 tahun dapatlah menantu. Hehe. Boleh dah tu"

Ermm. Just pray for me lah, hahahaha :')

p/s move on, move in.

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