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Welcome to PPSP :)

Well, hi :)
Welcome to Kelantan Darul Naim, reporting 330kms away from home. Kayy, sedih lah sangat dok? Breaking into new chapter, and i've been welcomed to PPSP USM Health Campus, Kubang Kerian. Wondering what PPSP is about? It's Pusat Pengajian Sains Perubatan. Meh, I'm just scrolling the chapters that will be taught soon. Expressionless, macam biasa. The moment I arrived here, feel dia macam ada dekat negara orang. Cause you know Kelantan is very different. The implementation of Islamic Law and a lot of kindnesses. Not that l wanna say that negeri lain tak bagus, it's just they are really warm and they would never mind to welcome you to their house without any preparations lah like kemas kemas and so on. 
One thing about staying in USM is, mingling with the students of different races and cultures! Well, it's really my first time mixing and laughing with some chinese and indian friends. One of my new chinese friend, i tell you, she really loves talking. She can…