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Two months almost passed by. Still, I'm wondering whether I can cope with this situation of not. And this one song keep playing in my head, Still Into You by Paramore.

The one should be forgiven, I had just forgotten it. I would never want to look back. Looking back if only I had the chance to make it right. This is absolute feeling of insecure, when I can't accept anything wrong with me. I'm back to a paranoia, whom I supposed to leave long ago. The only thing matters me today is, an identity conflict.

Identity conflict.

This inner conflict that keeps haunting me day and night. People say this and that about you, that sometimes you can't really accept about how they describe you and how they might look at you. Believe it or not, that's really happening to me right here, now.

Sometimes, it annoys me very much when I asked someone's close to me to describe me about myself. How do I act, an overview of my characteristics or to be exact, my personality. Some people…

sabar itu separuh daripada iman

My family and I were having our early dinner at KFC yesterday. Finishing our meals with joys. As usual, my abah will allow me to drive. Gratefully, I took the key and started the engine. Perut kenyang, mestilah suka hati :)

Carefully, I reversed my car. Getting on the road and turned the signal to the right when the car was reaching a junction. As I was about to turn on the right, suddenly..


I stopped my car and startled. All I saw from the side mirror was a car. It knocked mine! My parents were sitting on the passenger seats, and they're shocked. Mana taknya, bergegar kereta kitorang.

My abah rushed out and met the driver who knocked my car. (cehh, my car. padahal kereta abah). I don't know why, but I was too mad that I nearly screamed at the driver. The driver, a woman. Years older than me, but she called abah 'pakcik'.

Kalau ikutkan hati, geram sangat nak hentam kereta dia balik. Tak main la tampar, lempang bagai. The problem is, I turned on the signal to …