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The eyes that tells everything.

Well said. The folks says, "Dari mata turun ke jiwa".

Sorry. I'm not that good in expressing myself in terms of feelings and emotions.
But all I can say is that, I still remember the eyes that shatters me.
Full of surprises without any calms.
Great shyness and charm.
Pretending to be just cool and relax.

In my opinion, it's a numb and nervousness.
Maybe I fall?

-The End-

Jajan's birthday.

Today is 7th March of 2015. Well let me tell you about someone who shares the same birthday as her mom. Sweet, ain't it? She's Normarjana binti Ahmad Darus. She's my cousin. A daring one, a sweet one, a caring one but a stingy one (oopps!). You know what, she has a beautiful heart and a kind-hearted one. She's polite. Even polite when I'm not really polite. Ha.ha. She's well-loved by her mak, abah, angah, ujang, muiz and ami. She's really good in persuading. Well-cared by nenek, maklang and paklang. She's the mulut manis one. Told ya, she's manis. I used to call her Jajan when she used to call me Mir/Mirfarhan. Plus, she's always miscalled me with the hope that I will definitely call her back. Save credits maybe. hm.

Well, it's a disappointment to really rely on me sometimes because I find myself hardly to be with someone I care about during the hard times that you're going through. I find this ego type in my side. Say, sometimes …

you know you sick, but you keep going

Hi march! And it's been a while since I've enrolled into a breaking new semester. Naaah, nut dat neuhh a sahhpozt. (well you can read it with no problem only if you have a British accent. lol). I was busy meddling with the never-end businesses. My all time busy-ness. Ain't it fun, to come all the way rushing on the dues of projects? It's tiring babe. Serious talk.

I'm bravely taking this short moment to share something about how to survive a living as a student. Say you pissed off, say you hate it and you don't want to do it ANYMORE no matter what!. Well, say it out loud. Voice are louder than your head. Btw, it's happening to me right now. Again, I'm chasing the date of submission of my research paper. It's like a short thesis, where words are limited to 2000. Madam said that she won't be reading much on our long essays, but she'll try to go through them as much as she could.

It was last night when I became seriously haywire. I saw everyth…