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i love them

I attended my little brother and sister's sports day in their school. (my past primary school). I came late, about two hours late. So i'd missed the moments to see both of them running on the tracks. It's okay. Still, I can see their medals hanging on their neck. Seriously, I am very proud with them. those annoying little brother and sister of mine were on the stage several times. Seeing the gold medals, silvers and bronze medals they kept in their room, making me adore the medals very much. To be honest, I am no better than them in sports. Got the placing, and gold medals just a few times in school. Hakim took part in high jump, long jump, 4x100m, 4x400m, marathon, 100m and so on. Humaira's the same. She's better an athletic. This is what my parents should proud of. Both of them played very well, superb in track and fields. Unlike myself, hehe. Not that superb maa. Hopefully, they'll do their best in their upcoming exams. Tomorrow's UPKK. They're in s…

a bad dream

I had a bad dream for the past few days.
a dream about a guy who lost his family in an accident.
he's a guy whom i'd known before.

he kept his sorrows inside.
he wasn't crying nor weeping at all.
deep down from his heart,
he was crying so hard.
he's trying to keep away the tears.

all I can do.
was just sitting far away from him.
still, I can see him.
he was looking on the floor.
his shining face was appearing dull.
he's trying so hard with the sadness and sorrows.

I walked.
moving closer towards him.
looking into his eyes.
he lost his confidence.
he was suffering with his feelings.

the feeling of loss.
the fear of being alone.
the missing moments.
the weakness.

he's crying in front of me.
while covering his pale face.
he said,
' I won't be alone forever '
and he walked away from me.

As I woke up in the dawn,
I prayed that he'll smile and always smile.
no matter what happens.
that was just a dream.
May Allah always be with you :)


He owns our heart

Ikhlaskan hati. Kuatkan hati. Allah Allah Allah. Hati ini milik-Mu, jagakan ia sebaiknya kerana jika aku yang menjaganya, kerap aku campakkan ia di tempat yang tak sepatutnya.

mutiara kata imam al-Ghazali

IMAM Al-Ghazali berkumpul dengan murid-muridnya lalu beliau bertanya: “ Apakah yang paling dekat dengan diri kita di dunia ini?” Masing-masing muridnya, menjawab: guru; teman, kaum kerabat, isteri atau suami. Imam Ghazali, berkata: ‘Semua jawapan itu benar. Tetapi yang paling dekat dengan kita ialah mati. Sebab itu janji Allah, bahawa setiap yang bernyawa pasti akan mati (Surah Ali-Imran :185).

Imam Ghazali bertanya lagi: “Apa yang paling jauh dari kita di dunia ini? Masing-masing menjawab, bulan, bintang dan matahari. Imam Ghazali membenar semua jawapan itu lalu berkata: yang paling tepat ialah masa lalu. Dengan apapun kemudahan kita, manusia tidak boleh kembali kepada masa lalu. Sebab itu kita perlu menjaga dengan teliti hari ini, esok dan akan datang dengan perbuatan yang dituntut agama Islam.”

Menyoal lagi Imam Ghazali : “Apa yang paling besar di dunia ini?” Pelbagai jawapan yang munasabah diterima daripada anak muridnya dan ia membenarkannya, namun berkata, jawapan paling tepat ia…