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just saying

The one who always smiling so bright and laughing out loud actually cries alone  well, just saying this for some reasons. do you even know that most of the all-day-cheerful person hide their tears and fears deeply? the reason is, they're trying to be strong and get all the sorrow away. they're trying to make fun of people around them and burst out with laughs, some silly jokes even popped out when they're trying to hide the dull and tears. let's not judge the happy person always a happy-go-lucky person. at times when they need to be alone, just let them be. because the only reason they're doing it is just they're feeling empty, feel the losing of smile and voice from their heart. try to understand them better, be a good listener is enough to make them cheerful again. somehow, the happy-go-lucky person still hold the sadness and fears till the end. they would never reveal it to anyone, but to someone that they really trust. they need support even trying to make…

"a dream wedding" ?

I was the last presenter out of 16 people the lecture room.
Before that, I teased Filzati's topic given by Mr.Rashdan on "your first love".
Well, it's a random-5 minutes public speaking.
It's a random, and the topics given randomly to student.
So he might be giving out the topic based on what was wandering in his mind -.-
(oh my goshh! i'll dead)

It's time.
And he said that, "i'll give the most cliché and killing topic for our last presenter in class"
Some of them were clapping their hands and not to forget the guys, they're really making fun of me.
(I was about to shout at them, but still, I can manage my emotions well)

"okay, our last presenter with the topic...."


'wwhhhaaatt???? this is crazier. unbelievable! the crazier than what I'd expected!'

It's too late, even though I had told him that I don't want any cliché and cheesy topic or something not factual and related to mo…

#1* in the making of "Alice in the Twisted Tale"

that's the scene with ms.mop. it smells so stinky. need to spray some freshener. haha. well, that's a scene for Alice and Harry Potter, " Hey! That's Potter's magic mop! " casting me and Marina. credits to ms.Wawa, the camerawoman :)

a night scene, casting our Cinderella, ms.Yaya :) done with the only night scene for Alice meeting with Cinderella, " Cinderella! Where're you going? " our camerawoman, ms.Marina. not to forget our best buddy, ms.Pyah. Thank you :)

an overall conclusion, the video or short film's still in progress. hopefully, we'll contribute the best ever before leaving IKIP-YP. In shaa Allah.

-smilemira :) -


I should let this go.
The more I think, the more it's hurt.
And should I say that, I can't stay any more longer?
I won't let myself drown in the sea.
You came into my life once.
But I will let you go.
Let you leave all the footsteps on my heart.
Because I want to be alone.
Just with Him.

In a painful history.
I would leave you quietly.
I would keep my heart away from you.
Cause I am afraid if I would leave Him even in a short while.
Let Him endure my pain.
Cause He knows the best for His true believers.
Let me miss you in the name of Allah.
Until the fated time come.
All questions will be answered.

I will keep praying.
That He will always shine up the way.
That He will never let me astray.
That He will give me chances to live.
That He will let me smiles in pain.
He is The Best Planner of all.

Tawakkaltu'ala Allah :)