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Random #2

Well, haha! Hi.

Macam biasa. Masih hambar. But now I know I can joke around and I just discovered a side talent of me. I called it a talent la - lawak hambar. It happened when I always have fries, burgers, ice-creams and apples as my lock-screen wallpaper.

There some of my friends told me that they were hungry and I would gladly offer my phone.

"Nah. There you go"
"Lawak sia."
"Lapar kan?"
"Tak lawak lah Mira"
"I'm trying to make it look funny hehe"
"Tolongla gelak. Please :("
"Haha. Haha."
"K. Rakluu"
"Woiii hahahahahaha hambar!!!"

I know it. Tolong la gelak  -.-