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a piece of me

Here, heee.

I'm taking a first step towards being feminine, or should I say a 'ladylike' ? It's not like I'm not appreciating myself being born as a girl. My first thought is, being a girl or a woman are a lot more complicated and undefinable. And I started to keep myself away from the way a girl or a woman should be.

No woman, no cry.

Why? A girl or a woman is very sensible thus becoming a lot sensitive than a man. A girl or a woman loves to think about what others are thinking about her, what others are feeling about her, what others are judging about her, what others are talking about her and so many 'what'. A girl or a woman can easily affected by someone's feeling, though it's just an assumption. Practically, a girl or a woman would cry while watching a Hindustan dramas and all the sad-story-life dramas. Girls and women love to act like a cry-baby?

In fact, once upon a time, I were a cry-baby.


Because I were a sensible girl.

Year by year …


Once, people said that Titanic was the most valuable ship on Earth as it was so filled with luxuries.

But seriously, I don't agree with them. Because I've found another ship which more valuable than anything on this Earth.


Because Titanic sink, but friendship would never sink.

Seriously, I'm black! (opps! salah eja. Mira punya pasal, aku salah spell. Debush kau A'an!) It's actually BLANK.

well, hello there. This is Adlina Shobri speaking. I am A'an's (nickname) deskie since 2011 (a.k.a) for two years. We've been friends since Form 1. Okay, enough with speaking. Geli lah pulak nak speaking bagai ni.

A'an ?? Aku pun tak tahu la macam mana aku boleh survive hidup dengan dia ni. Dengan perangai dia yang gila-gila. Banyakla suka duka dengan minachi ni. Kalau dia stress, memang kadang-kadang tak berani nak kacau. Takut kena stare maut punya dengan dia ni. AKU SAYANG KAU TAU MIRA. Haha.. (sumpah tak pasal -.- lepas ni nak bunuh diri s…

arabic theatre


#throwback. after a few months. hahaha. well, those are my beloved classmates in INTEC months ago. seronok sangaaaat! working together, spilling ideas together for an annual Arabic theatre by all the MEP students. Anyway, we got the fifth place. Performing on the stage about Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh's life and how he conquered the City of Constantinople. Currently, 16 out of 20 of us are studying in CFS-IIUM Petaling Jaya. Hoping the another day to get together again. All 20 of us. Missing all those cheerful and head-wrecking moments. Ukhuwah fillah Abadan abadaa :)