oohhhoo. speeding nyaaa!

Yesterday's maths. Fuhh. Rasa nak terbalik-berpusing dunia lepas habiskan chapter 1 in just 2 hours. And the lecturer keep on talking non-stop. Tak ada noktah. She's talking like she's out of breath sometimes. And the handwriting, masha Allah. Susah nak capture apa yang lecturer tulis on the super-whiteboard. Tulisan orang maths. Macam tu agaknya. And my handwriting, dah hilang ekornya for the 'g' , 'b' and 'y'. Haru. Memang haru.

But that is not actually the main point.

Yes. A step ahead. Apa benda ni?

Being a step ahead is like menyerlahkan diri dan terkehadapan. Is it really important being a step ahead? For me, it is a yes. Surely, it requires a lot of courageous. When we think about people being a forward-minded, bermakna mereka mempunyai suatu pendapat dan daya pemikiran yang lebih maju daripada kita. For an example, they speak out their opinion. At one stage, someone thought that she's not willing to speak it out, voicing it out for some reasons. The thought is she's not willing to. It came from her mind that she can't do that, she won't be able to do it. It is a mind-set that is discouraging herself from saying it. Simply, people said that they are shy. Some said that they are scared. Why? It is actually related to some of this real confident inside them. Hmm. It is something great to be built inside them.
Not just them, for us too!

Susah? But it always come first with the mind setting. Actually, it's not as hard as how we imagine it. Try to make up an effort. We tend to think that it is harder than what we expected it to look like whenever we feel down and hard. Please be remind, that with hard, there'll always an ease. Allah dah cakap dekat kita dalam surah Al-Syarh (Kelapangan) kan?

Selamat bereksperimen! Assalamualaikum :)

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