Now I am back with good news. A VERY GOOD ONE! :D

Girls in Manhattan :p

It is good to reconcile and talk again girls! Alhamdulillah all praises for Him, for all the blessings and hardships we've been through all these months. I would say that it's been a month since we last talked so much on everything. And now here I am writing the stories about you girls. I am overload with joys to be able to talk and laugh. For our past mistakes, I ought to forgive and somehow it took times for me to make myself clear about what had happened to our friendship previously. I was confused by my actions and intentions. I always want to look cool for everyone but I forget those in need of my help and my attention. I was too busy taking care of other physical and material things before taking care about what the you girls might be feeling at the hard times. I forgot the empathy and sensitivity part that I thought everyone would just act and look at such problems the way I look at it. I should have take part about not everyone thinks like me. Not everyone can act like me, as in 'buat tak kisah'. This stone-hearted girl, sometimes got no clue about what you girls might have gone through and I don't have that idea about what are you girls might feel and need at the hardest time. Most of us messed up by the small issue (I just thought that it is a small matter, when you girls might take it big - I tend to look at the big issue into smaller pieces, trying to understand the content but lacking of feel and sensitivity). Haha, so 'hati-kering'. So there, you girls made a lot of efforts to win me back, even though I don't think that I don't deserve to be with them, just because I am lacking of a lot of things. I really don't think that I could be functioning and helping much throughout our friendship. So I tried to back off and I was just happy to see you girls from far. Because I don't want to cause any trouble with my 'cluelessness' and my 'lack-of-sensitivity' and all 'my fearless' actions and 'my straight-forwarded' words anymore. But, I need you girls all the way to shape me into a better cake.

Thank you so much, for always there to help, to feed me and to walk with me, when I hardly ask you girls 'korang dah makan?' or 'do you need any help?' or such things like, 'korang okay tak?' and 'can you do this alone?'

Thank you :')

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