Tanah Merah - Rantau Panjang!

Yesterday's trip was the best with these fellas that I thought I would regret for not coming to Kina's house in Tanah Merah. And the little friend we celebrated yesterday, Little Hana!

Hana Turns 1 :)

little girl got her present from Uncles and Aunties :))

Hana and her smiles. I fall hard for this little girl. And I even wonder how does it feel to have my own niece/nephew? Haha. (Later kay)

Thanks Kina and Family for having us yesterday and for the small feast, making us feel like home :')

When you're looking like that //

'Aunties ni nak apa?'

Road Trip Ohana

That uncle --,

At the so-called Masjid Beijing, Rantau Panjang

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