Now I know

Back then, I thought I knew where I stand all this while.

But now, I know where I should stand, who should I be with and when should I move whenever sincerity and trustworthy being questioned. I guess now I am ready to lose even more. The further I go, the more friends I lose. The higher I climb, the lesser sincerity left in me. The greater I become, the smaller trust I build in me. I should always be there. Around them, but never been asked. Around them, but never asked. Around them, but It never feel the same anymore. Around them, but the atmosphere is different. Now, where should I go? Around and keep coming around?

Maybe I should go vertically (up-and-down) now. Haha. Because that way I won't cause more damage and harm. For someone who keep on losing, should never lose One. One who always give and One who take in less than second. For one person, you build me up. For another person, you teach me to never give up. For the next person, you cheer me up.

Diamond is created under pressure. Simple atom with high complexity.

Till then. ☺

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